Adam Ficek

Drummer, Babyshambles

"Rood Media have been, and will continue to be, an important part of my journey into this unknown and highly competitive world of the music business. They have the rare ability of combining a highly professional, and personal approach which fits perfectly for all my various musical outings."

Adam Griffin

Ex-Product Manager, SonyBMG/RCA

"Rood Media are unfailingly driven to provide the most thorough and efficient service possible for their clients. Their coveted industry know-how is deployed with humour, enthusiasm and dedication, and they consistently exhaust all of their available resources if it means gaining maximum exposure when and where it counts."

Anabel Englund


"I have used many PR companies but none were as effective as Rood Media. Roo gets music heard, placed and most importantly knows how to tell her clients story. Roo is an amazing badass and I can’t wait to hire her services again"

Anja Toldrian

The Orchard

"You can be sure Roo delivers the best as she has a deep understanding of the industry along with a true passion for promoting music.”

Anselm Peyer

Majestic Casual

"Working with Roo on the Noah Slee ‘Otherland' campaign was a truly great experience, she was a big part of the success we had! Roo covered all important aspects of the promo, which made everything easier and streamlined the whole campaign."

Bec Adams

Marketing Manager, Columbia Records

"It’s obvious from the minute you meet her that Roo loves what she does and the artists she works with. Most recently she delivered one our development acts at specialist radio with care, dedication and a positive attitude, achieving fantastic results."

Bridie Connellan

Director, Global Marketing, Capitol Records

"Roo is a total gun. An absolute superstar with the utmost professionalism and mad hustle, she has an unmatched passion and intuition that always makes her stand out from the rest. Anyone who gets a moment of her time and attention is set for success. She always, always delivers"


DJ/Producer/Bromance Records

"I'm really thankful and happy to work with Rood Media, it makes my day brighter. Many people don't actually know this, but girls are running Bromance Records. I'm proud to say that Roo is part of the family."

Danny Robson

Director, Team Leisurely (Flight Facilities/Rufus/Motez/Jack River)

"Roo's understanding of the UK radio landscape is second to none. She is a strategic thinker, has exceptional taste, great contacts & relationships, and can get her hands dirty early on when it counts."

Hugh McClure

Good Manners Music (Kllo/Banoffee)

"Aside from the incredible results Roo has generated in the months we've been working together, she is one of the most rewarding people I've dealt with in the music industry. She is passionate about the projects she takes on, and really takes her time to get to know the people she's working with, before taking that knowledge into her work. I could not recommend her more." 

James Keith

Senior Editor, Complex UK

"Over the years I’ve worked with Roo and Rood Media, they’ve introduced me to a huge wealth of fantastic new music, all of which Roo is deeply passionate about introducing to the world. Roo is always a joy and her speed and professionalism make everything run smoothly."

Jeff Bratton


"Roo, you’re the blog whisperer”

Matthew Gawrych

Marketing Manager, Ghostly International/Spectral Sounds

"We had the pleasure of working with Roo on a developing artist. Not only did she bring in amazing results, she was always persistent with follow up and kept us updated to a T. With the current landscape in music being the way that it is, it's oftentimes the little  things that really matter and Roo excels at that.” 

Michael Loney

IE : Music (Robbie Williams/Lily Allen/Craig Armstrong)

"I've worked with Rood Media for well over a year now and I'm always very happy with the service I receive for my artists, and the results that we achieve together. Roo has always been very professional and her bubbly personality makes working with her an absolute joy."

Nick Stevenson

Associate Editor, Mixmag

"I only trust two people. My mum and Roo of Rood Media. But Mum knows very little about well targeted, on-point and reliable music PR - which is thankfully where Roo comes in."

Noah Slee


“Roo really knows how to work a project and continues to make moves with everything she touches.”

Rachel Barton

Director, We Are Grape

"Roo is efficient, enthusiastic and excellent to work with. But most importantly, her passion for great music always shines through"

Sean Glass

Glassnote Records/Win Music

"Roo always comes to me with great stuff, sometimes it's artists I've never heard of that I need to, and sometimes it's a very valuable relationship with established artists."

Simon Ashcroft

Director, SOL Management (Digitalism/Kele Okereke/Peter Bjorn & John)

"I had the pleasure to work with Rood Media on two very different campaigns. On both occasions I found the companies approach was tailored specifically to the artist and release proving that a dynamic approach to publicity doesn’t mean sacrificing efficiency. I am happy to say that their reports turned in much higher results then I have seen with Rood Media’s piers. For these reasons I will always come back to work with this company."

Simon Hart

Marketing Manager, Pioneer DJ

"Roo offers a very friendly and positive working relationship and has built up many valuable industry contacts ensuring good circulation and google ranking of our news releases."

Vic Edirisinghe

Astral People, Director

"The thing I love about working with Roo is that you know when she does take on a project that she's going to give it her all. She's going to be truly dedicated to making that project a success no matter how uphill the task may seem at first. I've been looking forward to working with her for some time and can truly see now that her attention to detail and sheer passion makes Roo one of the best in the business"